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Kirby's Hatventure
You know what a real problem with Kirby's Adventure was?  Not enough hats.

So I decided to see how hats would convert to the Kirby's Adventure art style.

The one on the left uses as many colors as I felt like using, the one on the right uses only 3 to fit within the original NES palette limitations.  Hats like Fire, Water, Plasma, etc. have the hat by itself as well as the hat with elemental effects.

Crash and Needle aren't very good but I dunno how to start fixing them.

Kirby belongs to Nintendo and stuff.
[Tornado Kirby's hat uses graphics from Tornado Blow from Mega Man 9 by the way]
Hexafusion Meme: Cool Robots Edition

I realized it's been like four years since I submitted anything here.
I was in one of those rare moods where I felt like spriting for fun.
So I decided to take a crack at one of those hexafusion memes.

Some of the designs could probably be better, but whatever, it's not like they'll ever be used for anything.

Every sprite here (Except Mettaton EX, obviously) is mine.


No one knows
United States
I can't do this traditional art stuff, but I can throw around a pixel or two if I really need to. I also write, but you won't see much of that here. Overall, I'm not the greatest at anything, so don't expect anything.
Every time I get a new watch or favorite or whatever, it always puzzles me considering I haven't really posted much of anything here in such a long time and I don't think anything here is really that good.  But I suppose I should say something to that effect, eh?

I don't post here anymore because pretty much all my artistic efforts are going into game development these days, and the things I work on involve plots that I would be loath to spoil for anyone.  The Neptune Collab and Mega Man:  Infamous Intent are my two big game development projects at this moment, but I am involved in a few more that you might see later.  Never mind, I got kicked out of Neptune and Infamous Intent is cancelled now.

Of course, that's going to take years, probably.  If you want to see something more immediate, a friend and I have started writing one o' them Undertale AUs that are all the rage right now.  You can check it out here, but at your own risk; spoilers, be wary!

And...yep, I guess that's all I wanted to say.  Thanks for tuning in.
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Shawty, like a melody in my head, that I can't keep out. got me derping like, spamming pages, sorry bro, hey. I got a new account, check it out, 'kay, 'kay?
MarikoOkuri Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Finally got the sprites edited and placed in a template! I also want to let you know that your comment on Melody's color has been taken to account for the image in my MMU video, so keep an eye out!

Anyways, let me know what you think!
DarkBowser100 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, who are you on ER?
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CHAOS_FANTAZY. Did I not explain this?
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Hey sorry I haven't been on. I finally found my kindle charger and tot to log in
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